Dolores Daiquiri

Dolores Daiquiri has over 13 years experience as a burlesque performer, producer, mentor and teacher. She is a valuable resource of information and believes that ALL woman should be able to put a little ‘tease’ into their lives. Dolores is Co-director of The Australian Burlesque School and The Australian Burlesque Festival, and Producer of Salon Boudoir.

With a shimmy of her feather boa and a wiggle of her hip, Dolores Daiquiri will sweep you off your feet as she transports you to the glamorous ‘Golden Era’ of burlesque, where women embodied sophistication and decadent charm.

Known as ‘Australia’s Classic Tease Queen’, her acts combine graceful playfulness, sensuality and tease that will have you blushing in your seat and hot under the collar. Dolores captivates her audiences with classic, sassy tease and glamorous stage performances. She is the ultimate consummate performer and a mainstay within the burlesque community.

A burlesque star!


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