WATTLE & DAUB – Murder Mystery Comedy Show

The Wattle and Daub Murder Mystery Comedy Show is an amazing and unique spin on Murder Mystery evenings ideally suited to hotel and restaurant environments.

This is a new approach to murder nights, and provides a very full evening of top class entertainment, guaranteed to amuse and amaze your guests.

The theme we are currently performing is as a Victorian Detective, Lady Wattle, and her long suffering Butler, Daub.

The evening begins with walkabout comedy magic and mindreading, meet and greet, as guests arrive, all conducted in a Victorian style.

During the evening, we perform top close up entertainment and mind-reading around the tables, planting the seeds and clues to the mystery that will unfold.

Finally there is a 40 minute comedy show, with audience participation, again featuring magic, mindreading, and of course a murder to solve.

Your guests will experience a full evening of entertainment that will create an amazing evening and long lasting memories for them.

We are planning similar type shows with different themes, so can offer you a variety of shows for more dates. Also we run a generous discount scheme for multiple shows.